Calypso was a robot from Harrow School that competed in the Swimming event during the first three series of Techno Games. In its debut, Calypso won overall after beating Snappy and Cyber Shark. It came back in Series 2 with a complete redesign and broke another world record in the heats. In the end, it placed 2nd overall behind K9000. Calypso's last appearance was in Series 3 with nothing changed to the robot. Its only heat, Calypso was having steering problems and lost to Pete the Penguin by only two seconds.

The same team also competed in the Swimming in Series 3 with Tango and the Battery Sprint in Series 2 with Salsa.

Robot History Edit

2000 Edit

Calypso tg00

The original Calypso during Techno Games 2000.

Calypso's first ever match in Techno Games was against Lemming who also participated in the Batter Sprint. Calypso had no issues here as it easily defeated Lemming by reaching the finish line first at 34 seconds. This win put Calypso to the Swimming finals, where it faced Cyber Shark from Heat 2 and Snappy from Heat 3.

Calypso easily passed both Snappy and a broken down Cyber Shark to finish the race at 34 seconds. Snappy managed to finish 15 seconds later at 49 seconds and Cyber Shark never reached the finish line. In the end, Calypso received the gold medal for finishing first overall in the Swimming.


As the champion of the Swimming one year ago, Calypso was saved for last in the qualifiers, where it faced Belfast Gem, Westgator, Silver Sword, The Bomb and Jack the Flipper. Calypso managed to beat its own record by finishing at a swift 19 seconds and advanced to the semifinals, where it faced Roboducky, Brutosaurus, XLR8 and Hydra.

Calypso finished first again at 20 seconds while Brutosaurus finished second at 33 seconds. Both robots advanced to the Swimming finals, where they faced Dippy Flippy and K9000. This was a very close finish as K9000 finished at 21 seconds while Calypso finished second at 0:21:16. In the end, Calypso received the silver medal for finishing second overall in the swimming.


Calypso's only match in the Swimming was against Mammoth, Hippocrit, Pete the Penguin and Water Babe. In the heat, Hippocrit finished first at 28 seconds and Calypso was rivaling Pete the Penguin for the second spot in the semifinals. Unfortunately, Pete the Penguin finished second at 1:00:50 and Calypso finished third. This meant that Calypso was eliminated from the Swimming event.