Ickle Toaster (Storm 2)

Ickle Toaster

Ickle Toaster was a Football and Sumo entrant from Techno Games 2003. Health and Safety issues raised in its events caused two matches involving Ickle Toaster to be unaired.

It was actually called Storm 2 and was entered into the New Blood competition in Extreme 2 of Robot Wars, which it won. It then entered Series 7, where it got to the grand final, losing to Typhoon 2, built by another team that entered Techno Games. It, however, won the Third World Championship. It is still competing in the live circuit.


It faced Storm Chaser in the Sumo and beat it but broke the wall off the dojo whilst ramming Storm Chaser into it, sending both off. Due to that, it went unaired and Storm Chaser went through.

It worked with Savage Toaster , forming Team Toaster. Ickle Toaster's speed sent a bowling ball at the audience, leading the team to withdraw from the event. This happened in Ickle and Savage's quarter final match against Team Typhoon, in which, Ickle Toaster was the main aggressor but the Ickle and Savage was losing when the match stopped.

Ickle TOaster with armour

Ickle Toaster with its armour panels and decals attached