Mammoth tg02

Mammoth during the Battery Sprint.

Mammoth was a walking robot that competed in the Battery Sprint during Series 3 of Techno Games. Much like the robot Lemming, Mammoth participated in events other than the Battery Sprint like the Swimming and the Cycling.


In the Swimming, Mammoth lost in it's first heat to Hippocrit and Pete the Penguin. Finally, it attempt to compete in the cycling event but it failed to start.

In the Battery Sprint, it looked like it would lose when Bumble shot off but won after Bumble stopped by the finishing line and allowed Mammoth to overtake and win. It would later reach the battery sprint final but it lost to Scuttle.

It was actually a middleweight competitor from Robot Wars that never won a battle, losing both times to Typhoon in the heats.

  • Mammoth during the Swimming event.
  • Mammoth during the Cycling event.