Front view of Mousecatcher


Rear view of Mousecatcher

Mousecatcher was a competitor in the Assault course in Techno Games 20003 that lost in the first to Mighty Mouse, despite being favoured by Simon Scott.

It was actually a weaponless version of Robot Wars competitor M2, which reached the semi-finals of Series 7 in the same year as its Techno Games run.

Robot History Edit


Mousecatcher Ian Lewis

Mousecatcher with Simon Scott

Mousecatcher vs Mighty Mouse

Mousecatcher races for the finish

From the start Mighty Mouse darted around the obstacles while Mousecatcher slowly navigated its way through, accidentally hitting some of the podiums on the way. Once more, Mighty Mouse became the first to get a goal while Mousecatcher was still finishing its first hurdle, however Mighty Mouse reversed frantically and spins around, losing time which benefits Mousecatcher who hits the ball into the goal quickly. Mighty Mouse navigates the ramp, causing Mousecatcher to race towards the finish, taking a side route, however as Mighty Mouse smashes through the tires and to the finish line, Mousecatcher hit the wall in between stopping it in its track, leaving Might Mouse victorious.