"Skelly as she is well known, is a cheeky full size humanoid robot with the ability to climb ropes in excess of 20 metres, with plenty of fun and humour on the way up before playing out her party trick at the top."
— The team

Skeletron (sometimes nicknames Skelly) was a Natural Rope Climbing competitor that appeared in every single Techno Games series.

There were at least two different versions of Skeletron built, one in 2000 and the other in 2001. Skeletron was one of the most successful competitors at the Rope Climbing competitions and was always noted to be the "poster child" for the Techno Games.

History[edit | edit source]

2000[edit | edit source]

Skeletron managed to win the natural rope climbing competition coming first but was then brought in to go up against Simian who was an Artificial Rope Climbing competitor, Skeletron lost but got a Silver medal over all.

2001[edit | edit source]

Once again Skeletron got gold.

2002[edit | edit source]

2003[edit | edit source]

Outside Techno Games[edit | edit source]

Skeletron is still touring the UK and in November 2013 had made an appearance as a signature event at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. 

Skeletron now regularly makes appearences at the Extreme Robots Live Events where she has shown off her climbing skills as well as drive her kart.

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