Snowstorm and Kats Whiskers aka Team Snowcat


Snowstorm with Firestorm 5 and Fire Storm (with a new flipper).

Snowstorm was a Football and Assault Course entrant from 2002 and 2003. It was a new version of Firestorm that was weaponless. The original Firestorms entered Robot Wars from Series 3 to 7, entering both series of Extreme as well. The team also entered Series 2 with Groundhog. It is now retired as Graham Bone and Hazel Heslop (now Hazel Bone) got married and wanted to settle down. They now have a child so Firestorm won't be returning any time soon.


It worked with Kat's Whiskers in the Football, where they formed Team Snow Cat. Team Snow Cat won their first match 7-1 against Mighty Mouse and Wolf before winning their semi-final against A.A.T. and Savage Toaster 5-3. They, however, lost the final against Sprocket and Storm Chaser as Snowstorm left the competition as their gearbox had broke, leaving Kat's Whiskers to defend the on its own, causing Team Snow Cat to lose 5 nil.


It returned alongside Kat's Whiskers in the Football but Team Snow Cat lost to Skeleton Crew in round 1.

Snowstorm entered the Assault Course, losing to Sugar Plum Fairy in round 1 after receiving penalties and finishing out of the top eight.