Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser's armour

120px-Stormchaser (Technogames)

Storm Chaser scoring a goal

Storm Chaser was a Sumo, Football and Tug of War entrant from Techno Games 2002 and 2003. Storm Chaser was the Team's name as one of the team members was a Storm Chaser. It was entered into Robot Wars as Tornado, winning the 6th Series and the European Championship. It is now retired as the team are now living in separate locations. It has come out of retirement and competes in Robots Live events every so often.


It worked with Sprocket in the Football and beat Technomoth and Ravioli in the opening round 7-2. They then came up against Big Bro and British Bulldog in the semi-final and won 4-1. They then met Kat's Whiskers and Snowstorm in the final; Snowstorm suffered a gearbox breakage early on and had to retire, leaving Kat's Whiskers to unsuccessfully defend the goal all by itself allowing them to win 5-0.

They then entered the Tug of War, first beating Ridgeback, and then pulling British Bulldog into the pit easily. Sprocket was the next opponent, whom they beat with mid ease. They won Gold.

They next entered the Sumo and beat British Bulldog guite easily. iT then beat Chip by reversing out of Chip's way and letting it drive itself off the Dojo. The good run then ended as Big Bro got underneath Storm chaser with the wedge they had added and pushed Storm Chaser off the Dojo with ease. Storm Chaser had won Silver.


In the Sumo competition of 2003, Storm Chaser faced Joker in round 1, winning in 18 seconds after Joker did a wheelie due to it having the Football scoop and not Sumo blade. It won the Sumo event this time around. It faced Ickle Toaster in a unaird match where it was beaten by Ickle Toaster after it rammed Storm Chaser into and broke the wall, sending both off the dojo. Storm Chaser was reinstated after Ickle Toaster was disqualified, it is presumed that this match was Tornado's second round match.

It also returned for the football with Sprocket (now calling themselves the 4 Wheeled Warriors) beating Lamb Slamma in the opening round 3-0. They met Team Flash in the quarter-final, winning 3-0. In the semi-final they came up against Team Make Robotics, winning 3-0. And in the final they met Team BB (in a rematch from the previous series) which they lost 3-1.