Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy was a robot built and entered by Dave Robinson, Dr. Simon Hart and Scott Meredith Jones that competed in Techno Games 2003. It was a invertible four wheeled robot that reached the semi-final of the Assault Course, losing to Typhoon Rover. It beat Snowstorm in round 1 despite snowstorm crossing the line first due to Snowstorm receiving penalties for knocking balls of the poles at the start.



Sugar Plum Fairy fighting Chaos 2 in its normal guise, Skab.

  • Sugar Plum Fairy paint job was the wrong colour, the person who got the paint got purple instead of pink (Sugar Plum Fairy's planned colour).
  • Sugar Plum Fairy competed in live event under the name Skab, the only differences being the guises being that Skab was silver had a spike (banned by Techno Games rules) and Sugar Plum Fairy was purple.