Tecumseh was a Internal Combustion Sprint competitor from Techno Games 2000 and 2001. It was entered by Team Power, who had entered Barry in Series 1 and Sonic in Series 3 of Robot Wars, they had also failed to qualify for Series 2 and 4 with Gnasher and Blur, the team also withdrew from the qualifiers of Series with Tecumseh. Chris Sherwood entered Kingshurst Flyer in Techno Games 2002. Tecumseh's name was misspelt in 2000 as Tucumseh.


It won Gold in the first and only Internal Combustion Sprint race against Tina Treks.


Tecumseh tg01

Tecumseh during its first race in Series 2.

In the first round of the Series 2 Internal Sprint competition, it beat Don't Walk On The Grass and Dave The Tortoise in its heat, before losing to Ulysses from Team Nemesis (the team that built Nemesis and Diotoir) in the final.