120px-Velocirippa (Techno Games)

Velocirippa during the Football

Velocirippa was a Football entrant of Techno Games 2003. It was a robot that looked like a dinosaurs head. Oddly, its brother worked with a another, leaving Velocirippa's partner unknown.

It entered Series 3, 4, Extreme 1, 5 Extreme 2 and 7 of Robot Wars. This is actually the second version as the first got destroyed in a battle. The first version was converted into Mighty Mouse. It worked with its brother in the Extreme 2 Tag Team Terror, marking the first appearence of the second version of Velocirippa. It is now retired but its insides and wheels are part of Team Mouse's new robot Meggamouse.


It partnered with Sugar Plum Fairy to form the team 'The Nut Gnashers' and fought One Foot in the Goal in round 1, The Nut Gnashers lost one nil.